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Frequently asked questions

What are the hours of camp?
Camp runs Monday through Friday 8:00am to 3:30pm.

Are there additional hours of care?
Yes you can drop your campers off as early as 7:30am and pick up as late as 5:30pm. Extended care will be billed at the completion of the week at a rate of $10/hour per child. Picking up after 5:30pm you will be billed at $20 for every 15 minutes past 5:30pm.
How much is tuition, any discounts?
The first week for all campers, regardless when they start, is $360. No sibling or multi week discount unless registering for the whole summer. Party in the USA is a bonus 2 day week and will be $150 a camper.

If you register for the whole summer you will receive an all summer rate. First camper all summer $3800 each additional camper sibling $3700. *The all summer rate does not include the bonus week (July 1 and 2)

What is the cancelation policy?
Upon registering a first week non refundable deposit and $30 registration fee (family) will be processed for each camper.

In the event of needing to cancel any weeks, within a 30 day notice you will be refunded less your first week deposit, registration fee and $50 for each additional week booked. If less than a 30 day notice there will be no refunds given. 

Are there any makeups?
No makeups or prorating for any missed days during the week. When signing up for a session please look at your schedule for other daily activities or travels that might interfere with their attendance.
Is lunch provided?
No, campers are required to bring a healthy lunch each day. 

Snacks will be provided mid morning and mid afternoon. 

What is a typical day like?
Take a look at our sample schedule

How do you determine swim levels?
If your camper is currently a swimmer at Dolphin Swim Academy, we have their level information and will place them in the correct class. If your camper is new, we will ask for their swimming experience and evaluate them on the first lesson. As your camper progresses through the summer we will update their skills and level in your Parent Portal. At the end of their time at camp we will send home an evaluation card with a level they should be in. 
What happens with rain, extreme heat, or other severe weather?
In the event of rain related weather, depending on the severity, we will be under our lunch tent playing games, inside Jump Around Gymnastics doing activities, or inside Dolphin Swim Academy doing arts and crafts.

In the event of extreme heat, we will be playing water games, inside Dolphin Swim Academy doing open swim, or Jump Around Gymnastics playing games and other activities inside.

Extreme weather on a field trip day-
Depending on mother nature, we may have to cancel or reschedule field trips. We will still hold camp if we need to reschedule a field trip, we will adjust to activities being indoor at Jump Around Gymnastics or Dolphin Swim Academy.
Are there field trips?
There are several weeks that will include field trips. The cost of field trips is built into the price of camp, there is no additional cost associated with field trips. 

Can my camper bring money along?
We ask that campers do not bring any money along there will not be an opportunity to purchase anything.

What happens if my child gets sick while at camp?
If a camper feels ill, the Camp Director will assist the camper and bring them into the office at Dolphin Swim Academy. Temperature will be taken and any symptoms recorded. Parent or Guardian will be reached to discuss options. 

If a camper is ill during a field trip, depending on the severity they may arrange pick up with Parent or Guardian. An extra vehicle will accompany the bus if a camper needs immediate transportation back to Dolphin Swim Academy.

Will photos be taken of swimmers?
Yes, photos will be taken of campers through out the week. Photos will be posted to our social media pages and may be used on our website as future advertising. When signing our waiver and policies pages you can deny that your child's photo be used or let us know by emailing us at
Can my camper bring a phone, smart watch or game device?
Please keep all electronic and gaming devices at home. We want campers to be present in games, lessons, and other activities. If a phone or other communication device is needed for after camp activities we ask that it stay turned off and in the camper's backpack until after camp. Flip & Dip Summer Camp, Dolphin Swim Academy, Jump Around Gymnastics and other affiliated companies are not responsible for any lost or stolen electronics, game devices or communication devices.
What if I need to contact my camper during the day?
Parent or Guardian may contact a Customer Service Representative at Dolphin Swim Academy at 608-315-7946. Our Camp Director will also have a cell phone you can reach if there is an emergency during camp hours 608-345-4505, you can also text them if there is a change in pick up. The Director will call to verify the text.
Can my camper be in the same group as their friend or sibling?
If campers are the same age we will try to accommodate the request. We do separate based off of age to provide a great experience for all campers.
What are the ages for campers?
Campers are broken into age groups with total camp age range from 5 to 11 years old. Campers must be 5 years old on their first day of camp. If your camper is under 5 years old, please call us to discuss options, 608-315-7946. 

What does my child need for the day?
Please send campers with a back pack they are able to fit the following items,
-Swim suit     -Towel    -Water Bottle     
-Lunch      -Sunscreen/bug spray*     -Goggles**

*If campers are sensitive to our sunblock and bug spray
**Goggles are recommended, but not required, we do have extra at Dolphin Swim Academy

How do I register?
We are excited you have chosen to join us for an awesome summer of fun and exploration!
You can reserve your spot by calling us at 608-315-7946, emailing us at, registering through the parent portal (current DSA families) or creating your own parent portal account here. You can even click the link below to reserve your spot today!
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